Folding walls are the latest in a range of products that are designed to maximize office space. Just like companies need to be flexible in their projects and their ability to reorganize their workforce, office rooms must accommodate these needs and should be flexible as well. To this end, folding walls allow a room to be quickly reorganized into several rooms or rework it so that either a larger or a smaller team will find it suitable. They are another example of various office partition walls.

The amazing quality of folding walls is that they are completely soundproof. This makes them ideal for even closed door meetings and sensitive discussions. There are many different kinds of folding walls and some of them are designed to be folded and unfolded on a regular basis easily without any experience necessary. However, they suffer in their flexibility and must be guided along tracks that are placed either on the roof or the floor. Others can be placed anywhere but are a little more difficult to set up. The former are also known as sliding walls.

The walls are available in many materials such as glass, fabric or wood. We review various folding wall solutions here and keep you updated with the best manufacturers and the best sort of partitions for your needs.