Cubicle walls are one of the most recognizable aspects of work life in the modern 21st century. The motivations for their creation were economy and functionality and those factors still hold weight after many years. However, cubicle walls have come to be looked on as boring and this view is merited in face of the facts. However, recently a great amount of attention is being drawn towards cubicle design that doesn’t have the dystopian “Dilbert” look and significant progress is being made in this area.

Several improvements can be made to the regular office cubicles without sacrificing the privacy that many office workers prize so much. In addition, cubicles have the unparalleled potential for customization. Since the walls are easily within reach and have hooks into which shelves can be attached, office workers can design their own little space in an efficient manner that suits their taste. In the past few years, companies like IBM have invested significant amounts into research on cubicle walls and how their design can be improved to aid worker productivity. This is still an evolving field and there are many innovations ahead that can dramatically change the way office spaces are designed. This blog will keep readers updated on the latest improvements.